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Service Center
Service Center

Service Center

Contact Us

No.159, Huixian Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

1. When the user experiences a performance failure during normal use, the company promises the following warranty service, and the warranty period starts from the date of purchase:

  • FG series of maintenance-free energy-saving electrodeless lamp products under normal use, from the date of shipment, the entire lamp warranty for 6 years.
  • FG series of maintenance-free energy-saving LED products under normal use, from the date of shipment, the entire lamp warranty for 5 years.

2. Guarantee range excluded

  • Products that exceed the product warranty period.
  • Damage caused due to improper use, installation, maintenance, and storage (do not follow the instructions of the product manual for installation, use, etc., any improper use, such as: wrong wiring, use of high voltage 250V or more, non-rated load, and abnormal operating environment, such as High temperature, soaking, shaking, strong corrosion, etc.).
  • Irresistible factors such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and lightning strikes.
  • The company's original ancillary products, such as the company's light source supporting other companies use electronic parts.
  • Unauthorized disassembly, modification of the product, or alteration of the certificate.

Our company service department contact information:

  • Contacts:Mr. Jackrui Zhang
  • Tel:+86-21-60766337
  • Fax:+86-21- 59900576